Laboratory Services focusing on Regenerative Agriculture

Regen Ag Lab’s focus is to assist the restoration of our soil, water and air resources by delivering quality, integrity and accuracy in every analytical result. 

Regen Ag Lab

Regen Ag Lab was established in 2019 on the foundation of providing accurate, reliable and impactful analytical testing services surrounding the principles of soil health and regenerative agriculture.  We are located just north of Pleasanton, NE along US Hwy 10 in the heart of Nebraska.  Regen Ag Lab is co-owned and operated by Lance Gunderson, an expert on the Haney and PLFA tests with nearly 10 years of experience reviewing over 50,000 samples, and Jeremy Dalland, who has 13 years of management experience operating a commercial agricultural lab.  While we are establishing a new business, the Regen Ag Lab family has nearly 100 years of combined experience as previous co-workers in a commercial agricultural laboratory.

We look forward to working with you and sincerely thank you for the opportunity.

Lance Gunderson – President and Co-owner
Jeremy Dalland – Vice President and Co-owner